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If you want to learn how to work as an actor, then this is the handbook for you!

This book is the heart and soul of the revolutionary Lyndon Technique. Revolutionary is a strong word to throw around, but we use it because the techniques used in these pages have literally helped thousands of actors realize their dream of working consistently. Each chapter provides detailed insight into each guideline of the 15 Guideline Map to Booking.

The Lyndon Technique provides a practical approach to auditioning and booking the job on the first take. You've got the talent, you've got the training, now get the book that will help you get PAID for it all!

There's Shakespeare, Scene Study, Cold Reading and then there is Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique - "the final frontier" in actually getting the job. After only four classes, I booked Grey's Anatomy. Two weeks later and two more classes, I booked a feature film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Change your booking ratio, change your life. I highly recommend Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique.
~ Roberta E. Bassin

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Pardon my language but holy sh*t your book is amazing!!! I already listened to all your audio stuff... I am in agreement with all! This is all a great combo of my previous training in NYC and in LA. My fav rules are #3, 10, and 12. I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon all this.
~ Anthony

I love her ‘Straight to the point’ and ‘No messing around' teaching style. Her book is very informative and clever. She really brought out the talent inside everybody and the difference from Saturday to Sunday was extraordinary. I feel like a professional actor. :)
~ Brandon (Canada)

Amy's technique is thorough. The 15 Guidelines is the best thing an actor can ever use to prepare for an audition. Through answering those questions the actor can really break apart thought patterns and emotional depth.
~ Tim Nhlazane

I got your book and I cannot tell you how MUCH IT HAS HELPED! My career has been taking off! Since May alone, I have booked 2 episodics, (Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva) as well as 2 SAG regional spots, and 3 nice non-union spots. My callbacks have tripled in one year!! I cannot say enough good things about how you helped me simplify things & get out of my head. Practice has become repetition and IT WORKS! Thank you so much."
~ Gregory Paul
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ORDER NOW! 14.95 plus S&H

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