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Scheduling a CAREER CONSULTATION is the quickest way to get a handle on where you're at in your career and what you can do about it. More often than not, you probably feel that you're an "A+" talent, but your package is "C" level at best. During your consultation, Amy will take a look at your entire business package - resume, headshots, reels, marketing materials, web presence, credits, etc - and help you put it together in a way that shows the industry that you're not just an A+ actor, you're also an A+ professional.

Get the help you need with picking headshots, pumping up your resume, reworking your electronic package, reviewing your demo reel materials, getting photo session advice, and all your career questions will be answered.

When your package is ready, she will write a cover letter and then, electronically send out your package to ALL of her contacts. This isn't an advice-for-cash type of operation - Amy puts her money where her mouth is! Just read the hundreds of testimonials and you will see why Amy Lyndon is at the top of her game.

PRIVATE COACHING is geared for the actor getting ready for an audition, learning the technique, as well as staying sharp between acting gigs. By working directly with Amy Lyndon you will receive personalized coaching on every aspect of the audition. She will get you into the 1% so that you may join the thousands of actors working under her tutelage.

Because she is a working actor she can tell you detailed information such as the personal preferences of the casting director you'll be reading for, the style/tone of the show, and what to expect in the room.

From One On One Coaching, she can also teach you everything you need to know about breaking down a scene, getting to your emotions and understanding the text from the writers point of view.

Again, this isn’t a theoretical technique - just read the hundreds of testimonials that will attest to the power of The Lyndon Technique to get you booking today!

Amy Lyndon
To Set Appointment Time: Call 818.760.8501

AMY!!!!! I booked Criminal Minds today just like you said! I am ecstatic! Thank you for coaching me and for giving me amazing insight into the scene and character...I am on Cloud 9! Thanks to YOU!
~ Anzu Lawson

I was in LA last month and I took a few private lessons with Amy Lyndon. I have no prior training, and I've got to say that it was AMAZING. She taught me not only how to break down the sides and make it come alive, but also the posture to adopt when in the casting room. I'd definitely recommend her to all newbies who donít know what to do and where to start. She was so patient with me! I'll definitely be crawling back to her doorstep!!!
~ Evelyn Scarlet

I honestly cannot say enough about Amy Lyndon. One of my biggest issues (and probably for other actors as well) was WHAT AM I SELLING, but after working with Amy privately, she has helped and directed me on turning my "C package into an A package." This has in return, given me the confidence and knowledge I need to get representation and BOOK! AMY is AMAZING!
~ Mychal Thompson

Thank you so much for your awesome gift of coaching/directing. I went into the room, did the two scenes and got an applause:) Later that evening I saw the promo for the film with my name scrolling across the screen. I really, really wanted this role of Dr. Sandra Patterson.
LOVE YOU! ~ Vivienne Jurado

I want to thank you so much for meeting with me. You really helped me see that I need to be out there fulfilling my dream and doing what I love. It was so inspiring to listen to you and to learn. Thank you again for re-doing my resume and for advising me. It's so kind of you to help others in the field. Not everyone I have met with has been as honest or as kind as you and I just really wanted you to know how grateful I am for meeting with you.
~ Ally Gordon

I recently attended Amy Lyndon's actor packaging workshop. It was a goldmine of information. Amy's industry acumen and her ability to deftly zero in on the essence of who you are and how to position yourself in today's marketplace proved invaluable. Seriously, I learned more in this three hour session than I have in the past year wandering through the maze of what to do if you're an actor in LA. Highly recommended!
~ Rick Frederick

Hi Amy -- Thank you for taking the time to coach me today. I am so grateful to you for sharing your brilliant coaching talent with me and am always in awe of your razor-sharp insight. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
~ Rosalind Gatto

I haven't stopped thinking about what you've helped me with. You gave me so much more to think about. This whole time, I've been working on improving my acting, without spending as much time on the business side. I forgot how to sell myself. I forgot who I was! Thank you...thank you...thank you for your generosity!
~ Huyen Thi

My audition went well thanks to your coaching and making me believe I had it. Confidence is what I learned from you. I dreamed big and now I am working with the largest entertainment group in the world - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.
~ Sean A. Lomax

Thank you so much for the manager session last night. It is so good to be thinking about all the things I can be doing to enhance my career. The class is so great in that it not only helps you when you're in the room, but also teaches you HOW to get there!
~ Shannon O'Dowd

I've only had the pleasure of meeting you in person once and I found that I learned more in that one-hour meeting than in the entire 4 months since coming to LA. I have already managed to put together a high quality reel and I'm fast on my way to securing an agent/manager. I have been on several auditions, met with approx. 11 different CD's and am now working on producing my own web series - I attribute much of this to your ability to inspire. Despite all of the marvelous advice that I received on that day in late September, the mantra that was most powerful... that I still can hear echoing in my mind even to this very day is, "Don't wait."
~ Sol Tafari

Amy, Your guidance in one Coaching Session allowed me to walk in to the audition room with a new found confidence and relaxation. Not a moment went by that I felt I didn't have every angle covered! I am certain that no matter who I compete against, I now have the edge to succeed. I can't thank you enough and I look forward to continuing my career with you on my side!
~ Kyle Slabotsky

I can't tell you how grateful I am for today's coaching session. This past year I booked so many jobs but realized once I was on set that I had a hole in my technique when moving from auditioning to filming. Some of my work was GREAT and even recognized with an acting award from a film festival jury and other work... honestly... not my best... I wasn't sure why... and now I do!!! There are no words for me to express what I learned and experienced thing I know is that this moment of training from you is going to be key for my success. Amy you are a GEM a true GEM and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to create this technique!!!
~ Theresa Layne

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